Izzy Cameron

Acting Up! Youth Theatre Academy Teacher and Planning

Drama Tutor I have been a Drama Tutor for Acting Up! Youth Theatre Academy since graduating from Suncoast Christian College. They offered me the job before graduation through my acting roles in two of their productions and displayed leadership qualities. Drama Tutor for Primary School and Assistant Director for the High School Production class in rehearsal mode for Drop Dead, Juliet. Performed for the One-Act Play Festival in August 2019 at Lind Land Theatre in Nambour. Drama Tutor: Preschool and years 1-2, Primary School (years 3-6) and High School (years 7-12) VIP Drama classes. (2015-2017) Assistant Director: Listed below are the plays for which I was Assistant Director. Assistant Director 2017 for Wind in the Willows (the Musical), Directed by Naomi Clasohm (Musical) and Tanya Holthausen (Acting) Assistant Director 2016 for A Midsummer Night’s Dream (High School VIP Drama, years 7-12) Princess and the Pea (Primary VIP Drama, years 3-6)

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