Acting Up when you're a wimp


Do you want to be a TRIPLE THREAT?

Woombye & Coolum Beach

Musical Theatre classes give students an all-round grounding in the three disciplines: singing, dancing and acting.

Students in this class have the unique opportunity to learn film performance techniques and have the experience of being “on set”, both in the studio and on location, learning film-set etiquette and processes.


The mixture of live performance and film work prepares them for both the performance industry and to hit the outside world brimming with confidence.


JUNIOR MUSICAL THEATRE: Grades prep-3, Monday 3:20-4:00pm (40mins), $180 per term
PRIMARY MUSICAL THEATRE: Grades 4-6, Monday 4:00-5:30pm, (90 mins), $280 per term

SENIOR MUSICAL THEATRE: Grades 7-12, Tuesday 4:30-6:00pm, (90 mins), $280 per term


PRIMARY MUSICAL THEATRE: Grades Prep-6, TBA, (40 mins), $180 per term

SENIOR MUSICAL THEATRE: Grades 7-12, TBA, (40 mins), $180 per term