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Savannah Murphy

Trained Teacher, Dance and Drama

Savanah Murphy is a qualified performing Arts teacher for students in years prep- 10. Last year she taught music, dance and drama for an entire school of 700 primary students and was in charge of dance squads, choir programs and drama club. She even organised and created “The Arts Extravaganza”; a whole school concert which showcased student’s talents in the performing arts, like dance performances, choir, instrumental band, drama plays and a walk-through visual art gallery. She has over 16 years’ experience in dance, completing all her exams in Advanced 1 Jazz Addict and the Royal Dance Academy for ballet. Savanah has competed in many national events and competitions including contests for three years as cheer captain. She was responsible for choreographing 6 dances for a squad of 26 students at high school and this led to them winning the 2015 nationals at the Boondall Entertainment Centre. She has worked in the performance industry for music since she was 16, performing at restaurants, weddings, festivals and bars; even recording music with her band “Sunza Beaches”, which released a single on Spotify, YouTube and apple music last year (2021). She hopes to inspire young learners to find passion and enthusiasm in everyday life, as she has found from her time in the performing arts.

0419 197 260

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