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Bli Bli After School Fun!

Learn Acting, Musical Theatre, Film & Video Clip Moves.


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Bli Bli Acting Up! Youth Theatre Academy

Tues 22nd - Thurs 24th March

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Acting Up!

we love to have FUN and we love to PERFORM!"



Musical Theatre



"Video Clip"



Lots of

after school fun!

Acting Up Youth Theatre with Bli Bli State School
Acting Up Youth Theatre with Bli Bli State School

After School FUN!

Acting, Musical Theatre Video Clip





Bli Bli State School

Musical Theatre


At Acting Up! we love to  Sing, Dance & Act!

Musical Theatre classes give students an all-round grounding in the three disciplines: singing, dancing and acting.

Students in this class have the unique opportunity to learn film performance techniques and have the experience of being “on set”, both in the studio and on location, learning film-set etiquette and processes.

The mixture of live performance and film work prepares them for both the performance industry and to hit the outside world brimming with confidence

Students (Grades Prep - 6)


3:20 - 4:00pm   Junior Musical Theatre     (Grades Prep - 2)  $180 Term

4:00 - 5:30pm   Primary Musical Theatre  (Grades 3 - 6)         $280 Term

(New starters pro-rata for weeks left)

Primary Drama 101


Learning and confidence building

Improvisation and ensemble skills, script and scene work, this class is for students wanting to begin their acting journey. Vocal projection, vocal expression and more complex stage-craft and performance techniques are also undertaken. Learning and confidence building through fun ensemble Drama activities is the aim of this class.

Students (Grades Prep - 6)


3:20 - 4:00pm   Junior Drama 101      (Grades Prep - 2)   $180 Term

4:00 - 4:40pm   Primary Drama 101   (Grades 3 - 6)          $180 Term

(New starters pro-rata for weeks left)

Video Clip Moves

At Acting Up! we love to have FUN and we love to MOVE!

Our video clip moves classes are designed for kids of all ages to get active and feel confident on camera.

Learning cool choreography and how to act with style but without the pressure.

Gaining the confidence to “Dance as if no-one’s watching” in a safe and inclusive environment.

Our nurturing staff are excited to share the joy of video clip moves with our students

whether you are new to "on-set" cool moves or more experienced.

Students have real world performance opportunities in our music videos.

Filmed for our Acting Up! YouTube Channel and also shown in our yearly Broadway Spectacular.

Our Video Clip Moves classes are also a great complementary addition

for our Acting and Musical Theatre students who want to improve their movement skills.

Students (Grades Prep - 6)


3:20 - 4:00pm   Junior Video Clip Moves  (Grades Prep - 2)  $180 Term

4:00 - 4:50pm   Primary Video Clip Moves (Grades 3 - 6)       $180 Term

(New starters pro-rata for weeks left)

Acting Up!
Youth Theatre Academy

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Acting Up! Youth Theatre Academy
Confidence · Creativity · Collaboration

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Let's Play!

For the little performers.

NEW for littlies

A combination of dance, music, visual art and creative play to awaken your little ones's creativity and confidence, Exploring their creativity using a variety of stimuli, each session is a fun opportunity for mums and children to get their creative juices flowing and enjoy quality time together in these specially designed sessions for

2.5 - 5 year olds.

$180 per term

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