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Acting for the camera, a business skill for life

After finishing your final year of study you look to the future with wide eyes. A little daunted yet excited about all the opportunities you now have to make your mark in the world. Looking at a range of exciting job opportunities you pick a few and start to prepare your application. You love the work, have the skills, yet more and more companies want you to send them a 2 minute video of yourself to their head office........

Talking to camera, like most things in life is a skill you learn with good teaching and practice. Sure it can lead to screen work but most who benefit from a confident and natural camera presence are in business.

With the birth of social media and the availability of new technology the world has become accessible. This accessibility has heightened people's curiosity and keeps an audience wanting more of our interests, traits, opinions and personalities shared. Any personality can make it in this new world of sharing your favorite food or selfy to grow your followers. The better produced or presented media are sought after at an astonishing rate. Our online followers are soaking up posts at new levels and it's not looking at stopping.

Expression has always been a desired human trait however there are levels of skill that influence and attract "followers". Skill enables those who embrace this platform to profit handsomely. Skill and luck plays a part of any influencer however it's the skill that we can learn and control to our benefit.

Most of us have cringed at the first video selfie we made. It's common for us humans to take some time to get use to hearing our own voices and seeing ourselves on screen but it's true for a lot of things that the more we practice the better we get. With practice and learning a few techniques, our confidence builds and we just look and sound better on screen. It's this screen presence that will set up the next most successful people around the world. It's this same confidence that attracts or entertains viewers and markets ourselves to this world wide audience.

The technology is there. Everyone with an internet enabled smartphone can join in the race to market products or themselves, world wide.

YAY! Sounds daunting but if you have ever posted anything on social media you have joined the worldwide marketplace.

Anyone wanting a slice of the action or to increase their slice should do their homework before choosing a course. It's not the size of the camera that makes a good selfie video remember, it's your personality and confidence.

Yep.. Acting skills!

You can start at home. Don't worry about a script but having a few dot points to keep you on track is a must. Stand in front of your bedroom mirror and convince yourself you're the subject expert on your chosen topic. Once convinced, take out your smart phone and hit record.

It will take a few goes to get the footage and sound you're happy with but it's a great way to start.

When you compare a self taught vlogger to a trained professional there are still many tweaks and subtleties to perfect and that's when professional training will give you the edge you were after. Acting Up! Youth Theatre Academy provides the next level of on screen training. Training that, with experience, will take you or your business to the next level.

Choosing Acting Up! Academy to teach you "Acting to camera" skills will show you technique to increase your professionalism and confidence on your next shoot. Acting for the camera skills, mixed with a little drive will change your life.

Acting Up! Youth Theatre Academy teaches the screen acting skills and their subtleties from stage acting.

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