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Once Upon A Time

SENIOR ACTING (Woombye): 120 minutes, ages 12+

2024 Production Once Upon A Time

Senior Acting is about learning the craft: stage confidence, stagecraft (direction, technique, vocal projection), acting a role, script analysis, vocal skills, choreography, performance energy, physical training (including the art of fencing/sword-fighting), teamwork, theatre etiquette and the joy of working as an ensemble to create the magic that is theatre.


Our 2024 production is ONCE UPON A TIME. 

Students in this class perform in August as part of the Sunshine Coast Play Festival, followed by 4 performances at The Lind Theatre.  

There are also opportunities to take part in the Sunshine Coast Drama Eisteddfod and on film for Acting Up! YouTube channel.

This class can be taken just as

SENIOR ACTING class (Thursdays)


As a package with our


Tale Of Two Cities

Chitty ChItty Bang Bang

SENIOR MUSICAL THEATRE, 120 minutes, ages 11-18

Major production

Be part of our magical adventure in this musical production of CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG. Students are put through their paces with specialized vocal and physical training (including the art of fencing/sword-fighting), choreography and acting training.  Culminating in a major performance in Nov, students in this class also prepare performances for the Vocal Eisteddfod and live performances throughout the year. This class can be taken alone or as a package with our SENIOR ACTING CLASS.


This class can be taken just as



As a package with our

SENIOR ACTING class (Thursdays)

Chitty Chitty

Capture the Stage


Performers doing BOTH Senior Musical Theatre (Tuesday) and Senior Acting (Thursday)

have the opportunity to be in both a Drama, and a Musical Comedy production as well as compete in the Drama and Vocal Eisteddfods.

Actor Training for those who can’t keep off the stage.

Theater Marquee Lights
Wemmicks_2023_ (27).jpg



 90 minutes,  ages (7 - 13)

2024 Production:- Cinderella


Chitty Chatty Bang Bang



Our 2024 production is a delightful musical version of CINDERELLA, written specially to showcase young performers and will be performed at the Play Festival in August, followed by a season of 4 shows at The Lind Theatre.  


Students also have the opportunity to perform in Chitty Bang Bang in November and compete at the Junior Drama and Vocal Eisteddfods. 



FUN Classes

(Bli Bli)


ages 8-12

2024 Production

One Act Play for Festival Term 3,

Chitty Chatty Bang Bang  Term 4

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