Being comfortable, confident and natural on screen

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"The Box" re-written, storyboarded, cast, directed and shot by Acting Up!'s film students in 2020.

On screen skills, on-set terminology and set etiquette

taught in this class will have students set-ready, confident

as well as learning the screen acting craft.

Acting on camera is a specific skill necessary for anyone wishing to embark on an acting career but also increasingly important in the classroom for vlog assessment. 

Business and the marketing world also increasingly rely on screen content like (vlogs, Instagram stories etc).

Entrepreneurs and businesses alike use video to sell their product.

Being comfortable, confident and natural on screen is a valuable skill for everyone in the digital age.

Some weekend and/or extra after-school hours will be involved for filming. 

Ages 10-19, Tuesday 3:30-4:30 (60 mins), $220 per term